40 Years of Experience

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Electronic & Mechanic Design

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us design it for you. In most cases we can take care of the whole design, electronics as well as mechanics. Use of 2 and 3D CAD softwares ensures an efficient and high quality design process.


Embedded Programming

Today, almost all electronic equipment contains some form of programmable circuits. In most of our designs, we also develop the firmware that makes the hardware do the things you want it to do.   


We are also quite happy to actually build the things that we (or others) design. With a background in the aerospace industry we have quality in our blood, andwe pride ourselves in maintaining the highest build standard.

Serviceing & Support

Any product, no matter how ingenious, can soon prove pretty useless unless you can rely on a solid support service after the purchase. We do our utmost to keep our clients happy in the long run.